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Posted on September 22, 2010
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Pearse Street Inc is the leader in social network design & social networking software development. Contact us for clear and helpful advice on your social networking project.

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Posted on December 12, 2008
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Pearse Street is the #1 Social Networking Web Design Company. If your thinking about creating a social networking website get in touch with the leaders in the industry. Check out our full social networking web design portfolio. Get answers to common social networking web design questions.

Web Development

Posted on December 12, 2008
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We’ve spent countless hours with the web development of a core social networking framework. Our base social networking platform has been tested and all bugs have been worked out. Any unique features we design and develop based on the needs of the project and integrate them into the online social community.

There are 3 major steps in the building of social networks  with Pearse Street.

  1. The Design, We design logos and branding. We work together with the client to create the graphics for the website and brand.  The client can see what the website is going to look like at this point. We can start using the logo and branding on promotional material.
  2. The Development, We make the website work. Starting with the pre-made and tested framework we make adjustment to fit the layout of the website and desired functions. Any new or unique features we create and integrate into the platform.
  3. Quality Assurance, This is the part that novice social networking web development companies forget. Online community platforms are complicated with many interconnected features and processes. We start with a framework that has been developed, debugged and improved upon for years. Every site is unique and most have new features created specifically for them. The location and interaction of the features with the user is changed to best support the desired function of the site. As so many changes are made and new features are added QA is essential. We spend weeks testing, testing and testing.

Some of the Social Networking Features We’ve Already Developed and Tested

Let Us Build Your Social Network!

Posted on November 8, 2008
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Our social network websites are custom built to reflect your unique concept and your business model. Our networks are license-free and development fees start at $15,000. Our packages include complete branding solutions by our award-winning design staff user-interface design, an aggressive online marketing package, and an dynamic PHP-driven social network software that gives you the ability to easily add features as your website community grows.

To help you learn as much as possible about the development process and the best way to approach you project, we provide preliminary consultations at no charge to you. In addition to providing you with this personal consult, we will provide a thorough project evaluation and development proposal for you and/or your investors to review. As we work almost exclusively with Social Networking Websites and Advanced Web Design & Coding, we encourage you to take advantage of the consultation opportunities to have our expert team brainstorm your idea, with full confidentiality, and make suggestions for optimum branding, revenue and traffic results for your site.

From project planning to website completion and then post-launch marketing, our in-house staff is here to support your investment!

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